Golf is a sport with several health benefits, with up to a reported 60 million people of all ages playing the sport throughout the world.

However, golf can be very demanding; requiring strength, endurance, explosive power, flexibility and athletic ability to perform a movement that produces some of the fastest club head and ball speeds of any sport.

The effect of these repeated large forceful movements can lead to many different types of injuries, which are often specific to certain areas and sides of the body in golfers, depending on their lead side.

The main areas of the body prone to injury from golf include the lower back, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hips.

How can Physiotherapy help with these injuries?

Many common golf injuries such as wrist pain (Extensor Carpi Ulnaris injury) and Elbow pain (Medial/lateral epicondylitis) will require ‘load modification’ with more traumatic sudden onset injuries requiring immediate removal of load and PRICE protocol (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation).

Following initial load modification it is vital to then increase the ability of the tissue to tolerate these increased loads and re-model which can be achieved through structured exercises, which your physiotherapist will be able to advise on, depending on the stage and severity of your presentation.

Lower back injuries account for roughly 30% of all golfing injuries, with poor technique and lack of flexibility in the mid spine and hips possible causes. Often it presents as an aching and discomfort on moving into certain positions and doing certain activities.

Trying to remain active and avoiding extended periods of rest is important for golfers with low back pain. Whilst it may be a good idea in the very initial stages of the problem to reduce or avoid significant movements or activities that aggravate the symptoms, it is a good idea to keep mobile and try to do stretches and exercises that relieve the symptoms and promote normal movement. These are often specific to each individual and your physio will discuss the best options for you.

So why choose Physio Tullamore?

Golf requires much more athletic ability than many imagine and the consequences of this mean many people suffer injuries through poor general conditioning, lack of warm up, poor technique and practice and playing habits.

At Physio Tullamore not only do we treat your presenting condition but we find the root cause of this issue and supply of patients with sport specific prehabilitation exercises to prevent any re-occurrence which may occur.

With regular conditioning, strength work, improvement in technique, warm ups and structured practice the improvements in a golfer’s performance and reduction in injuries can be significant.

Physio Tullamore?

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