Compex Muscle Stimulation

"Muscle Stimulation is a beneficial tool when your looking to improve your rehabilitation, performance and recovery"

Compex Muscle Stimulation also known as electrical muscle stimulation is where electrical currents are used to stimulate a muscular contraction. This is a natural process and as far as your muscles are concerned they do not differentiate whether this signal is from your brain or from the muscle stimulation device. Check out our videos to see how our Wireless muscle stimulation works.

How is it Used?

Our Wireless muscle stimulation unit has multiple post-workout programmes in the Conditioning, Strengthening, Recovery and Pain Management categories to jump start and accelerate your recovery phase. We place the self-adhesive pads on the muscle area we want to target then select a programme to suit your needs. The beauty of this device is we can use this whilst your performing your rehabilitation or conditioning programme to get extra adaptations and muscle activation so you condition and strengthen your muscles.

Conditions we use it for?

  • Muscle Strains
  • Post Operative Conditions - ACL, Achilles, Shoulder Surgery, Total Hip & Knee Replacements
  • Pain Management - Lower Back Pain
  • Postural Complaints
  • Improving Strength & Power

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